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The Oyoko Abusua or family  (Yokofo or Dehyena in Fantse). This is the most powerful family in Asante because it is the ruling family and the occupant of the Golden Stool. The Ayokofuo ( plural) have up to date tried to maintain that is forbidden for two Ayokofuo to marry irrespective of town or tribe. There are only few such marriages.

The Oyokuo family is said to have come out of the Ekuona family. The first known Oyoko woman was Nana Ekuru who had migrated from Adanse to settle in Asuom. She had two children called Nana Yita and Nana Antwiwaa Nyame. Nana Antwiwaa Nyame and her people migrated from Asuom to Betenase in the Akyem area. Since they did not have the ambition to stay there they renamed the place “Yesii-ha-kwa or Asii-ha-kwa, this later changed to become Asiakwa.

They then left Asiakwa but left some of their people to take care of the place and that is the reason why the Asiakwahene, who is the Nifahene of the Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Council, belongs to the Oyoko family. And that is also the reason why in the olden days the Asiakwahene was not always loyal to the Okyehene with regard to Wars against Asantes.

After leaving Asiakwa we heard that Antwiwaa Nyame and her children emerged from a hole at Asantemanso in Asumnnya. Nana Antwiwaa Nyame had the following children: Nana Twum, Nana Antwi who ruled the Oyoko family together, Nana Kwabea Amanfi, their younger brother who succeeded them as the next ruler, Nana Pinaman Panin who was the first queen of Kokofu and the direct great grandmother of the first Asantehene King Osei Tutu ll, and Nana Oti Akenten who moved the Ayokofuo from Kokofu to Kwaaman, which later became Kumase.

The present occupant of the Golden Stool is the direct descendant of Nana Antwiwaa Nyame in the 21st generation. The patriarchs of the Oyoko family are Twum and Antwi of Asantemanso and Kokofu and their totem is  the falcon. Their symbolic qualities are statesmanship, patience and bravery. If an Oyokuo greets you their response are “Yaa Eburu, Yaa Oyokuoba or Yaa Odohyie Nana. Here are some of the Akan Stools that belong to the Oyoko family:






Asiakwahene Akyem

Pesehene Akwamu

Potsenhene Fantse









Kwaabre Kenyaasehene

Ayebiasehene (KNUST village)