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Very little is known about Nana Kwasi Boadu Beseasehene during Nana Yaa Asantewaa reign as Queenmother of Ejisu.
Beseasehene serves as Akwamuhene and Baamuhene to Ejisuhene.

Since the royal family of Ejisu comes from Besease, which therefore is home not only to the Beseasehene
(who serves the Ejisuhene as his Akwamuhene and Baamuhene sub-chief)

Nana Kwasi Boadu played a greater role in the war of the golden stool or the Yaa Asantewaa War.

Nana Yaa Asantewaa main representative in the army was Nana Kwasi Boadu, She sent orders out  to different camps
around Kumasi through Nana Kwasi Boadu according to Professor Adu Boahen a renowned historian

An old woman called Yaa Asantewaa lives in Ejisu. The mother or aunt to the chief there,
a man who was sent into exile with Prempeh. Since then she has ruled the town. Since she
has much influence in the whole of Asante and is the soul and the head of the whole rebellion.
She is infact sitting quietly in Ejisu but sends orders out from there to different camps around
Kumasi. Her main representative in the army is Kwasi Boadu, chief of Besease near Ejisu.

Letter by Basel Missionary
30th July,1900