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The Asenie Abusua or Family (Fantse-Atwafo), like almost all the Akan families, is also originated from Adanse.  The first known woman ancestress of the Asenie family was Nana Ama Gyata who is said to have emerged from a cave at Bona Bon in Adanse. She gave birth to two children Nana Damte and Nana Dufie Gyampontima. They migrated to Dompoase and Nana Dufie gave birth to six children at Dompoase including Nana Adutwumwaa and Nana Dwirayikwaa. Some of Nana Dufie’s children then migrated to places like Asantemanso, Amakom, Aduaben and Awukuguaa.  From Asantemanso section of the family migrated to Nkuroso, near Bonwire and finally to Agona Akyempem. Nana Dwirayikwaa gave birth to Okomfo Yamoa and Okomfo Anokye. After Anokye and Nana Osei Tutu had met at Denkyerahene’s palace they became friends and Anokye Komfo helped Nana Osei Tutu to escape execution and eventually followed him to Akwamu.  Okomfo Anokye later became the chief and priest of Agona Akyempem and eventually the caretaker of the Golden Stool of Asantes.

During Adae Kesie the Stool is sent to Agona and brought by the Royals of the Anokye Amoampon Stool to join the Asantehene to the durbar grounds.

The Asenie family has at one time occupied the Adanse Stool which belongs to the Ekuona family. Nana Bonsra Afriyie, from the Asenie family, the son of Nana Akora Foripan, became the Adansehene after his father’s death and performed so well that the Hausa scholars and merchants who had to deal with him in terms of trade gave him the name “Abu” meaning the great. This gave birth to the name Abu Bonsra among Akans.

Two Ghanaian prominent members of this family were the late Dr.K.A. Busia and the late Victor Owusu. The patriarch of the Asenie Family is Nana Amakom Akosa and their totem is the bat. The symbolic quality of this family is Diplomacy and Faithfulness. One can always rely on their loyalty and support.
If you are greeted by an Asenie the response is “Yaa Abrawo”.
Here are some of the Akan stools occupied by Asenie members:

  • Wenchihene
  • Agonahene
  • Amakomhene        Kumase
  • Adontenhene         Kumase
  • Antoahene
  • Nkoransahene
  • Dompoasehene
  • Denyaasehene
  • Tekyimanhene
  • Mpataasehene
  • Kofiasehene
  • Poanohene
  • Kobirisohene
  • Abenasehene
  • Asuboahene
  • Atwomahene
  • Kwaamohene
  • Akyaakuromhene